Nipple correction – for beautifully shaped nipples

Inverted nipples, crater nipples as well as nipples perceived as too large or too small can be a source of stress for those affected. Both for aesthetic reasons and because it may affect a woman's ability to breastfeed. At Aesthea, all forms of nipple correction can be carried out safely and gently. For beautifully shaped nipples!

  • Dauer DURATION

    Approx. 1 hour

  • Klinikaufenthalt CLINIC STAY

    No, outpatient

  • Kosten COSTS
  • Sport EXERCISE

    After 4 weeks

  • Anästhesie ANESTHESIA

    Local anesthesia or twilight sleep with local anesthesia

  • Nachbehandlung FOLLOW-UP TREATMENT

    Dressing and bra

  • gesellschaftsfaehig FIT FOR WORK

    After 2 to 3 days


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