For cosmetic surgery without ugly surprises

Have you ever considered undergoing cosmetic surgery but you have reservations that your desired outcome might not materialize in real life? That is definitely a thing of the past!
With Canfield’s VECTRA® h2 3D-imaging system, Aesthea can now capture face, breast and body images to create realistic before/after renderings in ultra-high resolution 3D. And not just from any model or customer, but of yourself! 

Vectra H2®

At Aesthea, we consult and advise our customers with great competence and in a highly personalized fashion. 
With this trend-setting, innovative imaging system, possible outcomes can be explored and communicated better than ever! You will be able to opt for the cosmetic surgery of your choice without having to worry about undesired outcomes.

VECTRA® h2, for a more personal, precise and succinct before/after comparison!

Your benefits

  • With VECTRA® h2 we will assess your personal situation with razor sharp precision and in ultra-high definition.
  • Thanks to very specific, biomechanical analysis in 3D, the specialists at Aesthea can provide a more detailed assessment of options and possible outcomes and advise you in an even more personalized way.
  • View the three-dimensional image from any angle, zoom in for a closer look, superimpose the simulation over the pre-op image, compare them side by side, or simply fade between the two – all within a couple of clicks.
  • The images will effectively support your personal decision-making process and minimize potential insecurities or reservations you may have.
  • You will see a realistic, three-dimensional after-image of your own face, breast or body – and nobody else’s!
  • Results (e.g. differences in silhouette or volume) can be demonstrably proven thanks to your very own personal before/after images. 
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Breast sculptor

Whether you are selecting the “right” implant size for your breast augmentation or wish to see which anti-aging treatments are best suited for your skin – with VECTRA® h2 you will reliably see the after, before!


VECTRA® h2 immediately delivers three-dimensional simulations of a rhinoplasty (the technical term for a nose correction). The imaging system can measure the nasolabial angle – the angle between the columella and the philtrum of your upper lip – with precision. Ideally, the nasolabial angle will be 90 degrees. However, in reality, a lot of nasolabial angles deviate from that 90 degrees ideal. 

The imaging system delivers slider-based dorsal height adjustment (the dorsal height being the height of the nose bridge). Measuring those important parameters will allow for a playful simulation of possible proportions and scenarios. That way, the experts at Aesthea will be able to deliver a visually realistic approximation of the nose of your dreams!

At the end of the day, you want to make sure that the nose you imagined will blend in harmoniously into your facial features, will look natural and really suit you!


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