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Relax your jaw! Successfully treat TMD with jaw botulinum toxin!

TMD is short for temporomandibular joint disorder, which often manifests itself as tooth-grinding (bruxism) and clenching. Tooth grinding usually occurs at night while you are sleeping (sleep bruxism), a common cause for it often being stress. At times however, there is no explicit reason for this symptom. In some instances, teeth-grinding and clenching can also occur during the day while awake.

Grinding and clenching your teeth puts excessive stress on your jaw and causes teeth to wear down prematurely. Bruxism can also cause insomnia, tension headaches and dizziness.

In order to treat TMD and the associated bruxism, jaw botulinum toxin is injected into the masseter muscles (the muscles that run down the cheek and are responsible for chewing as well as opening and closing the jaw). Jaw botulinum toxin temporarily immobilizes the muscles alleviating the TMD symptoms, relieving tension in the jaw that causes pain as well as teeth grinding and clenching.

If you suffer from confirmed TMD and bruxism, getting jaw botulinum toxin at least twice a year could significantly alleviate symptoms and reduce pain.

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    Twilight sleep with local anesthesia

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