Our skin gradually loses its elasticity as we age. Sagging tissue, furrows and wrinkles can result in a tired facial expression. Options range from a mini-lift of individual facial parts to a complete facelift. The skin is effectively tightened with little scarring, and sagging tissue is skillfully shifted back into place. And what’s best: Your radiantly fresh look has a long-lasting effect!

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Frequently asked questions


Frequently asked questions

Here you will find the answers to frequently asked questions.

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How can I avoid my face looking unnaturally drawn?

In patients who show fewer signs of aging, such deformities do not usually occur after the first facelift. However, with multiple lifts, this may ultimately occur. An undesirable rigid facial expression can then occur because the skin already has several surgical scars and thus loses its natural suppleness. As a result, the movements of the facial muscles do not show up as clearly on the skin, giving the face a mask-like appearance.

How do I make sure that those around me do not notice that I have had a facelift?

Around the age of 40, the first signs of aging become noticeable. Drooping cheeks or a more accentuated nasolabial fold are examples of this. The skin on the neck also becomes visibly slack and vertical wrinkles appear more frequently on both sides of the larynx. A successful facelift results in a visible difference that is hard to hide from good friends. You can expect to be complimented on your fresh, rested appearance. Just be confident, self-assured and #youtiful!

When can I go back to work?

In the case of a complete face lift, i.e., a tightening of the face including the eyelids as well as the neck, you are normally fit to go back to work again after two to three weeks.

A friend of mine got a lift a few months ago. Compared to the time immediately after the lifting, the skin now looks flabbier again. Why didn't the surgeon tighten the skin more?

Before a facelift, a plastic surgeon puts the skin under tension to determine what skin is excess and needs to be removed accordingly. Since there is no tool available to make an exact measurement, the surgeon only has his competence and experience to rely on. When tightening the skin, he takes care to not subject the wound suture to excessive tension that could lead to wide, noticeable scars. The surgical procedure used is crucial to the results of a facelift: Skin removal alone does not always produce the desired, lasting results. A deeper preparation and fixation technique of the tissue is necessary. In the months following the operation, the result also depends on the elasticity of the skin: Depending on this, some sagging may again occur.

Is there a permanent treatment for smoker's wrinkles in the upper lip area?

In the case of very pronounced smoker's wrinkles around the upper lip, a deep treatment with dermabrasion, laser abrasion or a chemical peeling would be necessary. Scabs will form, lasting a little more than a week, and then fall off. Afterwards, for one to two months, the treated skin zone looks pale pink, like a light burn. Make-up can be used very well to conceal these areas. This treatment may not eliminate wrinkles completely, but the results are long-lasting and can definitely be seen!


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