Goodbye love handles – Cryospecial – from 11. until 22.7.2022

Goodbye love handles – Cryospecial – from 11. until 22.7.2022

Summer Special ice cold!

1 Zone CHF 350 instead of CHF 500
2 zones CHF 600 instead of CHF 800
incl. consultation and analysis

Only valid for one treatment in the period from 11. to 22.7.2022!

Areas of application

Fat reduction through “coolsculpting” can typically be performed on the following body zones: Stomach, chest, flanks (so-called “love handles”), hips, outer thighs (so-called “saddle bags”), inner thighs, inner knees, upper arms, bra rolls on the back, armpits and double chin.


“Coolsculpting” is a relatively painless, gentle, non-surgical procedure to effectively and permanently treat stubborn, small to medium-sized pockets of fat. Through the targeted application of cold, the fat cells will be destroyed and broken down naturally by the body. The first results can be seen within a few weeks. However, the degradation process is continued by the body in the following weeks. It can take up to three months for the full effect to become visible.

One “coolsculpting” session is often sufficient in order to achieve a beautiful result.

In case of more persistent fat bulges, however, more sessions may be necessary. Special aftercare, such as wearing compression garments, is not necessary.


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